Sarah Anne Westcott Dance And Performing Arts Studios.

Dance 2015: North Devon Journal Review

          Linda Redhead enjoys Dance 2015 at the Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple

Classical ballet to raunchy burlesque, exuberant hoedown to cool contemporary, terrific tap to the moving story telling of lyrical modern, all presented with wonderful costumes, stunning lighting and dramatic effects contributed to an absolutely magical atmosphere in the latest show from Sarah Anne Westcott Dance Studios.

The age range of performers was vast, from three to 60+, and as the youngest cast members took to the stage in Under The Sea.  T he applause was rapturous and the excitement and emotion of the audience ran high. There were actually tears from many – tears of pride it should be added!

Bringing the first act to a close, Me Ol' Bamboo saw more than 20 dancers performing with their sticks, showing fantastic team work and not a prop out of place.

Danse Bohemienne opened the second act – this lovely ballet number was choreographed by the school's patron, Brenda Last OBE and was danced beautifully by the students. There was also some strong male work shown by the only boy in the piece, Bayley Webster.

The musical theatre contribution was excellent, as was the female soloist. Miss Tamsin Ball was her usual cool and immaculate self. I am reliably informed that Yazzy Chamberlain, who sang in the matinee performance, was equally spectacular.

During the show one lady was heard to ask: "How do they do it?" How indeed? As Miss Westcott herself said: "Loving to dance isn't enough – reaching this standard takes hours of hard work, determination and dedication. If you can bring the best out of the dancers and singers, while making it look easy, then the hard work and hours spent looking for the right music is all worthwhile."

The young dancers (and those excellent not-quite-so-young tappers) will remember this night as being part of something very special indeed. Warm congratulations to all involved.

I, for one, am already looking forward to the next production from the Sarah Anne Westcott Dance Studios and I am sure I'm not alone.