Dance 2009

Sarah Anne Westcott Dance and

Performing Arts Studio.

Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple

Review: Catherine Graham .North Devon Journal.

July 30th 2009

Showing off a range of singing, dancing and acting skills, Dance 2009 incorporated a wide variety of group numbers, including jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary dance as well as both vocal and dance solos.

Aiding the flow of the show was the friendly male speaker Eric Davison whose jolly presence between numbers was an informative way of introducing each performance.

In The Secret Garden was a perfect example of the wide age range within Dance 2009.

The tiny tots tugged at heartstrings as they trotted out, all smiles, dressed as pixies, frogs, sunflowers, bees, ladybirds and other garden animals.

At the other end of the age range were the "mums" (as they were introduced) performing to bold songs such as Black and Gold, encouraged by a supportive crowd, cheering them on.

Among the particularly fun numbers were One Night Only — an upbeat, confident performance by nine talented girls — and The Songs of Abba, a medley which included many ages and dances. The stage was alight with glitz in true Abba style. Great fun!

The second half continued to entertain with Songs of Broadway, a creative number which incorporated some excellent singing and acting from the likes of Josh Lee, plus some impressively accurate tap work in Lullaby of Broadway.

Solo vocal performances from Louisa Hockin and Millie Hillman were outstanding and the confidence exuding from the dancers made this show a joy to watch.

The solo vocal performance of Maybe This Time was also captivating.

The standard of ballet was high throughout the show, especially in Liebesfreud, where Josh Lee took over the stage with his accuracy and grace. Rachel Loader dancing en pointe with him also performed beautifully.

The whole show was great fun, finely organized and warming to watch.

There was an appreciative crowd watching, which added to the whole experience.

The final dance was an ideal finale, using the popular song You Can't Stop The Beat from Hairspray. The enthusiastic smiles from dancers pulled the audience straight into this groovy performance.

This show had the whole package — even some unexpected humour, when two dancers' dresses managed to tangle together halfway through The Charleston.

Yet, they continued the entire dance without a blink of an eye. Now that is professionalism!

Well done to Sarah Anne Westcott's Dance and Performing Arts Studio



Sarah Anne Westcott Dance And Performing Arts Studios.