North  Devon  Performing  Arts  Festival - November  2013

Sarah Anne Westcott Dance And Performing Arts Studios.

Novice Ballet  10yrs & Under                    

Emily Hearn    82  Marks


Novice Modern 10yrs & Under                  

Shayla Webster    81  Marks


Novice Ballet  14yrs & Under                    

Bayley Webster     1st    

Eloise McMorine    3rd    


Novice Ballet  18yrs & Under                    

Ruth Wormington    2nd  


Novice Tap 12yrs & Under                         

Liberty Regan    84 Marks    1st   

Ryan Goldsmith-Ryan    82 Marks    3rd   


Novice Tap 18yrs & Under                          

Ruth Wormington    83 Marks    1st   


Novice Modern 12yrs & Under                  

 Liberty Regan    82 Marks


Novice Modern 14yrs & Under                  

Eloise McMorine    83 Marks


Novice Modern 18yrs & Under                  

Ruth Wormington    83   Marks


Ballet 9 & 10yrs                              

Ebony-Mai Brown     3rd 


Ballet 13 & 14yrs                                          

Rosalie Garnett     85 Marks


Modern  9 & 10yrs                          

Ebony-Mai Brown    83 Marks


Lyrical Modern 13 & 14yrs               

Rosalie Garnett       84 Marks






Tap  13 & 14yrs                                         

Bayley Webster    83 Marks   

Rosalie Garnett    86 Marks    2n     


Tap  15 - 18yrs                                          

Scarlett Regan   84 Marks


Song & Dance 11 & 12yrs                

Danielle Gregory    83 Marks    3rd


Modern Improvisation  13-18yrs             

Ashley Howells    1st


Amateur Adult Solo                                 

Sarah Adams   1st 



Cabaret Duet 10yrs & Under            

Isabella Dyer & Chloe Bowden    81 Marks


Cabaret Duet 12yrs & Under             

Danielle Gregory & Ebony-Mai Brown    82 Marks


Cabaret  Duet  18yrs & Under            

Rosalie Garnett & Ruth Wormington    86 Marks


Open Cabaret Trio     

Ashley Howells, Jade Bayliss, Sophie Andrews   1st


Cabaret Group 10yrs & Under         

Majorettes & Cheerleaders    2nd 


Cabaret Group 14yrs & Under                 

Annie (Song & Dance)    1st

Popcorn    3rd 


Cabaret Group 18yrs & Under                

Let's get ready to Rumble    85 Marks

 Fosse's Follies    84 Marks


Cabaret Group 20yrs & Under                 

Irish   3rd 

Open Cabaret Group                                 

Lion King    Joint 3rd

Rolling in the Deep Joint 3rd

Open Freestyle Group    1st 


Open Contemporary Group    1st                    


Ballet Group 18yrs & Under                    

Beatrix Potter Waltz    3rd  

Cup for Most Promising Under 10 Award     

                                   Ebony-Mai Brown    

Freestyle  9 & 10yrs

Ebony-Mai Brown       1st


Tap  9 & 10yrs

Ebony-Mai Brown       1s